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 How to Mod Your Gamertag With A Usb Flash Drive

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Anthony M C

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PostSubject: How to Mod Your Gamertag With A Usb Flash Drive   Thu Apr 22, 2010 5:00 pm

hey guys today im going to tell you how to mod your gamertag
with a usb flash drive. Smile here are the steps.

1. well what i need you to do is plug your usb flash drive in
your xbox 360.

2. now you want to be signed out of your profile and do this.
and make sure that you are at the xbox 360 dashboard.
system setting>memory>usb storage device,click configure now.

4.once it is configured go to you hard drive>gamer profiles
and click the profile you would like to have modded. that you have your profile configured onto your usb
flash drive plug your usb flash drive into your
desktop/laptop. have to make sure that you have the programs needed
ezgt 2.1:
usb xport or xplorer:

7.go to your usb xport and make sure you have your usb flash
drive in your computer and go to file>open device. content then click then keep clicking the numbers and
letters till it wont let you click anymore.the code that is
showing. is you profile. click extract to desktop.then your done for now. open up ezgt 2.1.and click the top left button
and then click go to "add" and enter the desired

11.once you are done click the top left button again and
click save to desktop. open up the folder with your modded profile and keep
clicking the file that comes up untill it stops.then drag and
drop the file into modio.

13. on modio click rehash and resign. now go back to usb xtaf
and click content then click inject folder. now your done.

14. go back to your xbox 360 plug in your usb flash drive and
go to the mw2 main menu. do NOT sign in yet. go to xbox live
and sign into your modded profile then it should give you a
error code. that's good. now sign into your regular account.
and then your done.

thanks for reading my tutorial. and have fun modding!

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How to Mod Your Gamertag With A Usb Flash Drive
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