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 How To Hotswap

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PostSubject: How To Hotswap   Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:31 pm

How to Hotswap step by step:
Video Link

How to take your xbox 360 apart:
Video Link

How to get the Magnet out of the Disk Tray:
Video Link

I Hope this help's you Very Happy

I will soon be selling Modded Call of Duty: World at War disk's
1 Disk = £5 - (GBP)
2 Disk's = £8.50 - (GBP)
3 Disk's = £12 - (GBP)

Mod's on the disk i will be selling

For Everyone
1. Unlimited ammo
2. Double Tap = Tripple Tap
3. Low G
4. Jump High
5. Far Revives
6. Far Knife
7. 13.980 point's per hit (Default Map & Map Pack 1 Only)
8. Demigod Mode

For Host Only
1. God Mode
2. Give All
3. No Clip
4. Change Speed of Game (4 Speed's)
5. No Target (When on You Will Get No Point's)

Just waiting for my new laptop to get here then i will be makeing these disk's
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How To Hotswap
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